Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pregnant and Freaked Out!

Ok - So I am a bit freaked out. Three days ago I realized I was on day 40 of my cycle. This is really off for me as I chart every day and my longest cycle for the past 2 years has been 36 days. YIKES. Work on that Friday was crazy - saw something like 12 patients in the morning. I finally got some time to do a urine pregnancy test and guess what? Two lines popped up - granted the second line was faint but still...I came home at lunch and showed Eric the results. I think we were both shocked. He was heading up to Telluride, Colorado with Roger so we really didn't have much time to talk. I hung out with Joy and Ingrid last night and told myself if they asked then I would tell - they didn't so I didn't have to say anything.

I have done a home pregnancy test every morning since and they have all been positive.

Our good friend Dave P just called - he said Eric called him drunk with the good news. It was really good to talk to someone and just get some of these feelings off my chest. I am also realizing how much it will help to be able to tell people.