Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Birthday Pix

Eric's Birthday Dinner at SUSHI LAND...

Andy, Dad and LoriMore pictures from Eric's 40th Birthday - thanks again Sheri and James for all your hospitality. It was Orion's first sleep-over!Dave and Orion
Nicole and Me!
Hi Heidi!
Eric, Russ and Dave
More Dave Pederson Love xoxo

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Card Picture

So you know the story, you try to find a picture of the family for the annual Christmas letter. I try to find one where we all look good, no crazy clothes, drunk stares or wierd hair. This year no such luck. We celebrated Eric's 40th Birthday with a bunch of good friends who all volunteered to take a picture for us...check out the series below and see what we ended up with.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Just Because

I am a smitten mom...
Orion with his first gingerbread man...thanks grandpa ed!
Waking up after his first sleep by himself in the crib - big news in my world!

Ohh The Rain

Yes, I know that Western Washington is wet...I was born and raised here for goodness sakes. What I can't get over is just how wet and rainy. We took a walk on the soos creek trail and there was moss growing on the sidewalk and mushrooms on the side of the path.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy 2 Month Birthday Baby!

I can hardly believe that my little dog turned 2 months old today. Other moms always said that the time just flies by but you know what? It really does! While trying to make plans with our friends from Fort Defiance, Marion and Lester, I found out Marion started a new job at a UW Clinic in Shoreline. She works as a pediatrician and knowing that Orion would miss his 2 month well baby visit - I called the clinic and we got to see her today. Orion was a champ - only a bit of screaming during the exam. It was so great to travel so far and share this event with a friend - who is not only a fantastic health care provider but an amazing woman as well.

As for vital stats - Orion weighed 9 pounds even today and was 22 inches long. How in the world does a child grow 3 inches in 2 months - WOW!
Picking out the perfect Christmas Tree

2 months old and wide eyed

Same picture - a month later

We spent an amazing day in the city. We could not have chosen a better day to walk down memory lane. We drove past our old house in West Seattle and I have got to say - the garden looks so overgrown and raggedy. We also checked out our old apartment on Pike Street and had lunch at Ballet - you have got to love their fresh spring rolls. Cafe Ladro topped off the day but was rather a disappointment. I have yet to get to Vivace...the day will come.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Turkey Day - A Few Days Late

The Ali Family - Bella the wonder dog presiding over the event
Patrick, Bill, Uncle David and Grandma Great digging in!
Becky Jo, Scott and Aunt Bobbi
Tina, Patrick and Bill
The Star of the Day - Grandma's Little Gobbler

In Search of the Elusive Smile...

Smiles, who knew they would start to rule my world. Talking and interacting with Orion everyday has made me painfully aware that I keep looking for some indication that he is understanding what I say, you know some sort of glimmer in his eye or a nod of acknowledgement. Well, Grandma LouEllen and Grandpa Billy swear that he smiled at Grandpa. I was not there to witness this so can't vouch for the authenticity. I did see a full on smile from Orion when he was being held by our friend Roger and then today of all days he smiled two full on grins to Eric this morning and then Uncle Andy and I both got toothless gummy grins today.
Trying for a smile - its not working very well...

Contemplating how crazy his mom is...

Getting closer...but still not captured on film