Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick Update

What a great weekend. We finally made it to and through a birthing class on Saturday morning. Barbara our doula was the teacher and it was actually really great. Not sure I learned a lot except that maybe I know more then I thought I did - the best question of the day was “how does the baby get through the little hole?” You gotta love those kind of questions.

Our friends in Albuquerque – Cindy and Dave – had a first birthday party for their daughter Olivia. It was great to see them and all their friends that we have met at social occasions through the last few years. Eric made a yellow beef curry that was out of this world…that is if you like yellow beef curry made by a coolie boy!


Monday, August 18, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I almost forgot...my crazy dad and me!

Sunday Chilling...

OK, so here I am back at home simply chilling on a Sunday afternoon and I thought it would be a great time to post pix of the babyshower. Guess what...I have not one picture of my own of the shower. I know my mom has a few and our friend Dawn was snapping away, so hopefully they will pass them along and I can take a peek and see everyone again.

After leaving Seattle, I flew into Phoenix where I had a one day work conference on implementing different aspects of tele-medicine into medical practice out here. I know it sounds quite dull but I really enjoyed it and am hoping to get tele-dermatology up and running out here. Eric met me in Phoenix and we stayed at a glorious Marriott in Scottsdale - called the Camelback Inn. I highly recommend this place - it was beautiful inside and out - not to mention there was a pool open 24 hours - woooo hoooo!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Surrounded by Love!

Have you ever felt completely and utterly surrounded by love? My baby shower on Sunday was amazing. I was overwhelmed at seeing most of the important women in my life in one spot at one time. It was fantastic and I only wish it would have lasted longer so that I could have chatted more. Many heartfelt thanks to all those that made the trek to Auburn and special love to Aunt Bobbi, Tina, Sheri and Mary for hosting such a special event. I will post pictures when I get back home.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Love Anticipation

Its Wednesday morning and on any other normal Wednesday morning at this time I would be brushing my teeth, hopping on the new cruiser bike and heading to work...but guess what...I am on vacation! Many of you know that once we found out I was preggers, we cancelled most of our summer long weekend get-aways so that I could save up my vacation time for when the munchkin appears and let me tell you that has made for some long ass weeks of work. The one holiday I didn't cancel was trying to wrangle a trip up to Washington. I scoured the internet looking for medical education that I could use to get my job to pay for the stay and low and behold I found a one day class in Portland that fit the bill perfectly. So here I sit on a Wednesday morning with an overwhelming sense of "woooo hooooo" in my heart, so super excited to have a bit of time with family and friends.

On another SWEET note...I passed my gestational diabetes test yesterday and let me tell you there has got to be a better way to get 50 grams of sugar into me that does not taste like a bottle of sunkist orange soda that has been open for a week and has not one speck of carbonation left in it. How about some cookies, chocolate, whoppers...the list goes on.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Birthing Class Drop-Outs

We had registered to attend a birthing class this past Saturday and decided to make a weekend of it by staying in Albuquerque and relaxing as well. We got up early Saturday morning and after checking out the nasty looking continental breakfast at our favorite Days Inn - we made our way to the location of the class. We were arguing with each other (just call us Eric and Stacy Bickerson) and just all around grumpy. We parked and started trying to figure out just where the class was located - it was supposed to be in a building behind a coffee shop but the building was all old stucco with little paths here and there and it was like a ghost town. Nary a person to be found (except for the guy selling wheat grass on the corner) and no signs of life or of the birthing class we were looking for. After wandering around for a few minutes - we walked back to the car to call the teacher - then we looked at each other and said "to hell with it" we jumped in the car, stopped at my favorte coffee shop, went to target and swam in the pool. It was a glorious weekend and I don't mind calling us birthing class drop-outs!

I ride my bike to work everyday and as this belly gets bigger it has been more uncomfortable. I came home from work one day last week and Eric had a surprise for me...a new cruiser bike.