Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Great Camping Trip

We spent this weekend at Navajo Lake State Park - it is the 2nd largest lake in New Mexico - and we had a fantastic time. Friday night felt a little like camping in Washington, it rained all night and and I woke up in the pitch dark when a steady stream of raindrops kept landing on my left cheek. Not to worry, it soon dried up and we spent Saturday cooling off in the lake - I even jumped off a rock ledge straight into the water. WOOO HOOOO! View from our campsite
San Juan River

Eric and Teresa

Sunday, July 20, 2008

If You Need More Proof...

that plastic blags blow. Check out this slideshow that my friend Teresa sent to me.

Friday, July 18, 2008

We Did It...

For those of you that have any interest...we jumped off the deep end and registered at

Sunday, July 6, 2008


The idea that I am growing a little human inside continues to be a surreal notion - but something happened a couple weeks ago that made me realize once again that yes, indeed, I am pregnant. I went upstairs to read and relax and while laying there felt something inside that was most definitely not me. When you read about feeling a baby move people describe it as a fluttering, a bubble, a butterfly, gas...whatever...this didn't feel anything like that - it felt like a flick against my insides. Now that I can recognize the small one moving, I find myself waiting for it each morning and night - when my brain is quiet and I am still.

While camping this past weekend - early in the morning - I was watching the clouds through the tent door and feeling the small one kicking like crazy. Eric was half in and out of sleep and I put his hand on my belly and said "see if you can feel this". Well, what do you know...the small one cooperated and Eric was able to feel him kick. TWICE! It was a great weekend.

4th of July Camping

Hey if you are interested check out the BELLY SHOTS post to see how my belly does grow. When I look at the progression of pictures it totally freaks me out!

We just got back from and amazing camping trip. It didn't start out so well...Eric didn't make any reservations for a camping spot and when he was calling around the day we left nothing was open at the spots we wanted to go. We ended up camping at Blue Water State Park - we have been out there before for day trip hiking and loved it and WE SCORED a great campsite. Close to the waters edge and lots of privacy. We spent 2 nights and days just chilling. This is our view from the campsite...

When I was laying on the lounger that Eric packed - reading three cups of tea - highly recommended by the way. I looked up and noticed that the tree above had all these green pinecones on it. They blended in with the needles so good - it was hard to see them.

A monsoon shower hit right at we were getting ready to leave - but see the rainbow that poked out...a good omen for a great 4th of July! Cheers!