Friday, May 23, 2008


Yes, I know that I chose to move to the high desert way up in the middle of no-where Arizona. What I didn't bargin for was the crazy ass weather. So here it is May 22nd - 2 days before Memorial Day and guess snowed this afternoon and when I looked at it is supposed to have a low of 30 degrees on Saturday night. Can you believe it? We were supposed to camp out with some friends this weekend close to a hiking place called keet seel but I cancelled. I am finally figuring out that I am a fair weather camper. Three things that are keeping my spirits bright:

1. I didn't plant my garden last weekend so none of my tender little plants got killed - YAY! Even though I was so tempted after seeing the greens that my friend Katy has already harvested NO FAIR!

2. We had a visit from NanC, her mom Patty and Ava, Enzo and Piper - it was great to commune with folks from the great Northwest. Check out their travels at

3. Our appointment with the midwife was yesterday and was great - we heard the heartbeat for the first time with the doppler ultrasound held on my belly. It was a good reminder that yes, indeed, I am knocked-up

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fruits and Veggies

So maybe you were wondering why I keep up with the fruit and veggie comparisons when referencing the little bundle we are growing. Well the story is...I get an email each week from baby center and they describe the growing child in terms of food right now I am in the mood for some avocado!

Check out their slide show at

Happy Birthday Mamma Bear

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One Funny Email from Karin

The below email is from my old friend Karin - sharing her thoughts about raising Ms. Madelyn. I told her I was going to put it here because it cracked me up!

Morning -

I just created the "tupperware" drawer. I've been meaning to do this for a couple months but hadn't got there yet. I say that about everything lately. So when your child gets to being mobile - everyone - literally everyone - shares this so original tip of creating a "tupperware drawer" that baby can play in, while your in the kitchen. They just want to be with you - so give them something they can get into. Great idea, but I got sick of people telling me this. So - now I'm doing it to you! :) I'm warning you (or Eric) to start thinking about your tupperware drawer or cupboard. I denied needing this - but today I caved in. I'm also going to do this in the bathroom upstairs - Maddy gets mad that she can't get in the drawers as I'm trying to get ready - so I need to create a 'play' drawer. I also said I wasn't keen on doing lots of babyproofing - but this house is now in full lockdown - so that just goes to prove you'll say lots of things while your preggo, and then reality sets in and you just like everyone else..... trying to keep your kid alive and out of the ER.

Have a good day!

Happy "Mothers" Day - its your first (semi) one! Weird, isn't it!~


Floating the San Juan

We spent this last weekend on rafting drip down the upper San Juan River. It was amazing! We did this same float last year – later in the year – and the river flow was down so it was hard work. This year however – the flow was up and the float was great. The weather was pretty typical for the higher desert – about 85 during the day and 38 at night. We saw big horn sheep, all types of desert flowers and amazing geology.

We also celebrated “almost mothers day” with dinner at an A & W Rootbeer Stand…yes, I know you are not so impressed but hey after a long weekend of rafting and a 3 hour drive home it was great to stop in Chinle, AZ (look it up – there is nothing there and definitely no sushi or thai) and have a cheeseburger. I also got flowers today and what girl’s heart doesn’t like flowers.

As far as the avacado is concerned…we got a call from the peri-natal specialist people letting me know my first set of lab work came back fine which is a relief and we have our next pre-natal appointment with one of our midwives next Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pictures of the Peach

Here's the latest and the greatest!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Week 13 or Week 14 - Depends who you ask!

So...this was a big week for Eric and I. Because I am 35 and pregnant (even though I got pregnant at the ripe young age of 34) the midwives I am working with offered us the opportunity to get first trimester screening done. I wasn't too sure this was for me but Eric was really into getting it done - so we got a referral to a perinatal specialist in Albuquerque and had an appointment on Wednesday.

It was actually great! We drove into Albuquerque Tuesday night after work and had a fantastic Vietnamese dinner at a place called Pho Saigon (if you are ever in Albuquerque - I highly recommend it - its at the corner of Louisana and Central) ok...on to things that matter a little bit more :) So we met with a genetics counselor first who put into perspective our risks for having a child with chromosonal abnormalities and then we had a ultrasound where they measure the fat pad on the back of the babies neck -it was so incredibly crazy to see this little peach inside me (the book we have been reading says the child has grown from the size of a lime to the size of a peach - what is it with the fruit examples?). They also note limbs, bladder, heart rate, hands, feet...etc. The ultrasound tech also estimates the weight and measures from the top of the head to the bottom of the bum (officially known as the CRL - crown to rump length) Anyways based on these measurements she dated the baby at 14 weeks and 3 days - one week ahead of where we were initially told we were. Not that it really matters - I dont want to get to obsessive about a due if you are interested and if all goes well this little peach should show up sometime between the last week of October and the first week in November.

That day we also met with a doula - Barbara Steppe - this fantstic woman who will come out to Fort when I am in labor. When I asked her how many births she had attended - she told me she quit counting after 500! YIKES - thats alot of births. You can check out her website at

Until next time...