Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hello friends and family -

I hope this letter finds your world full of love and laughter and the chance to sit down and have a rest! I am so feeling the need for a rest right now. The Ali Family has been on the move for what seems like the last six months. In all reality, it hasn’t been that long but, still, this past summer was full of movement and transitions. We left Djibouti in July and spent (almost!) two glorious months in the US and Canada doing all the amazing things I associate with summer in Seattle – blackberries, coffee, parks, friends, family, dinners on the porch, views of Mt. Rainier. It was a pretty heavenly time for us.

September found us leaving on a jet plane bound for Sofia, Bulgaria. We are three months into our three year stay and so far we are settling in and finding our groove. Every day is full of adventure – like learning that not all white cheeses are the same and that it’s ok to drive 55mph down a dead-end street and that Bulgarians nod their head up and down when they mean no. Not to mention, the gray skies and rain!

Orion has continued in the Lycée Français and is in the equivalent of first grade. This year he has a male teacher named Yvon and there are 25 kids in his class. He’s very much in love with “recreation” at his school; which he wants you to know he gets three times a day. His favorite thing to drink is milk and his favorite color is pink. O Boy loves Legos and his best friend is named Edward.

Eric is knees deep into life here already; he’s made friends, found a great music scene, scoped out all the best places to grocery shops, started seated massage at the embassy and table massage to routine clients. Not too shabby for three months. He’s playing Santa Claus at the embassy Christmas party this year and I can’t wait to see how he does in this new role.
I’ve got my hands full work-wise with a new job and new colleagues but I gotta tell you, it’s so much less stressful than our last two countries. Bulgaria has a reasonable medical system and it’s a relief to know there is a real ER to use if I need to. I’m loving the food, the return to nature, the movie theaters and the ability to stroll around on cobblestone sidewalks. Not to mention, the history! This place is OLD!

We’ve got a great house with a guest room in an interesting neighborhood that is just itching for some visitors; so…consider this your invitation to come and explore Bulgaria (and give the Ali family some loving at the same time!)

Peace and Love from our family to yours xoxo